1 page brochure & 3 page reflection paper

I need someone to create a 1 double-sided tri-fold brochure. Then a 3 page Reflection Paper that includes a minimum of five references in APA format.
1) Prepare an informational brochure that identifies the most important facts that older adults, staff, caregivers, families, and public need to know about elder abuse prevention and caregiver stress.
2)  Evaluate the elder abuse community resources supporting aging, families, and elder care.
For your brochure, you will identify the most important considerations for preventing elder abuse and identify helpful caregiver stress management resources. Address the following questions in your brochure:

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What are the most important considerations for preventing elder abuse?

What are three to four important facts that individuals and families need to know about elder abuse prevention?

Why is it important to evaluate caregiver stress and provide caregiver stress management resources?

What types of elder abuse prevention resources and caregiver stress management resources are available and how do they provide support to older adults, staff, caregivers, families, and the public?

What are three to four valuable resources that older adults, staff, caregivers, families, and public should know about elder abuse prevention (including at least one way to report suspected elder abuse in your own community)?

Reflection Paper
Then, develop a separate 3 page Reflection Paper that evaluates the resources you included in the brochure. Do the resources provide adequate support to prevent or report elder abuse? What areas are lacking? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the resources?

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