2 discussion questions concerning substance use (due tonight)


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2 Discussion questions concerning substance use. Due tonight by 10:00 PM Eastern Time NO LATER… Each discussion should be 1-2 paragraph. Reference in APA format.  Textbook if can be found online is Drug Use & Abuse by Maisto, Calizio, and Connors.


Discussion 1
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a formal, standard way to define a construct like “substance-use disorder,” such as the DSM-IV does? (DSM-IV criteria are listed in your book or can be easily accessed online) In your response, discuss some of the different ways in which substance-use disorders are presently classified, citing material from the text and any additional resources, including the SAMHSA website. Also, should cultural differences in substance use and definitions of abuse matter in defining substance-use disorders? Why or why not?




Discussion 2
Given the way in which many forces have affected drug use in the past, develop your own projection into the future – to the year 2025 – of the nature of our society’s drug use problems, based on some of the social, political, economic, law enforcement, scientific, and/or medical developments you envision. Utilize the text, additional resources, and the websites available in the Content area to back up your response.


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