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Replies must be APA format with 200 words using two sources with the book being one of them. 

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Reply 1. Even as a sensitivity Christian counselor, a huge mistake to make would be to confront a counselee automatically and quickly of their sins.  If a counselor confronts a client of their sins before there is any trust between them and their client, the client could become angry and withdrawn from the counselor. There has to be trust built between the counselor and counselee and the counselor needs to know the level of trust. I believe that counselors most often overlook self awareness. Counselor self awareness it very important. Counselors need to ask themselves: What is my attitude and motivation when confronting a client of their sins? I believe that being a Christian counselor is very rewarding but also can be emotionally, physically and mentally draining. To do no harm is one of the main principles in counseling and I believe counselors focus on this principle each and every day, however their own self-awareness may get overlooked at times.Jean  had a very tragic childhood life. It seems as if all she wanted was to be loved but she was by the pastor and his wife, however, that was not enough for Jean.  Jean did make a profession of faith in Christ, I would begin our counseling session by asking Jean if she still has faith and love for God. If the answer is yes, this would be a good start in our counseling relationship. I think the most important part in a counseling relationship is building trust, once I reached the level of trust I feel is needed I would then decide to confront Jean of her sins. I would also have to be aware my temperament. I would consider myself of having a more encouraging temperament than a confronting temperament which is needed in this case. I believe silence would be the best form of confrontation in Jean’s case. I believe it is important for Jean to not feel judged or think that I disapprove of her actions, therefore keeping my facial expressions neutral and as well as making sure I pay attention to my body language so Jean does not feel as if I am approving or disapproving what she is telling me.


Reply 2. For me, I feel I would use silence as the approach for Jean. She has a lot of issues stemming from her childhood with her parents and then the additional condemnation she received from the pastor’s wife. She obviously has not seen what true Christian love can look like when there are issues. Jean needs to come to her own understanding of why she has done the things she has done. She needs to accept that she has sinned and also accept that she is forgiven. Allowing her to walk herself to this point will allow me as a counselor to walk her through the forgiveness process. She needs to learn that Romans 3:23 KJV “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”.  By accepting that she is not alone in sin and that no sin is beyond God’s forgiveness, she can learn to forgive herself. She can also learn to forgive her family and understand that forgiving them does not mean she is okay with how they treated her.


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