2 page paper (education philosophy)


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An essential component of a teacher portfolio is your educational  philosophy. This assignment requires that you develop or refine your  personal educational philosophy and ground it in the philosophies and  theories studied in chapter 5 and 6 in the text. This task has you  grappling with the fundamental cultural and ethical questions that have  been debated by educators for centuries and to relate these questions to  the daily demands of teaching.

From my experience students have difficulty condensing their ideas  and/or linking their ideas to theory. PLEASE feel free to email me your  paper in advance and I will offer assistance. Do  send me a draft the day before the paper is due. An example is in the  Canvas file section and a ppt describing various theories is also  posted.

Some questions you might consider including in your philosophy are:  What is the primary goal of education? What knowledge should be  emphasized? In the field in which you teach, what are the most effective  teaching methods, and how should learning and teaching be organized?  Which of the philosophies studied in chapters 5-6 most closely reflect  your philosophy (you can integrate more then one theory)? Make sure to  explain your answer and provide examples where needed. It is also a  talking piece in representing yourself in professional settings and  interviews. Discuss your educational philosophy (theoretical frame) and  provide concrete examples of these core beliefs based on your life  experiences. You may use quotes from theory that represent your belief  system.

There should be a clear and defined educational thesis statement. For  example, in my introduction I stated, My educational philosophy  emphasizes active student involvement (Dewey), reflective practice  (Dewey), Social Reconstructivist elements (Brameld), and is grounded in  culturally relevant pedagogical practices (Howard). Make sure there is a  link to educational theorists. The subsequent paragraphs should explain  each of the components described in that thesis statement. 2 pages (no more)

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