2 pages research,sector based assignment about amazon

I need someone who is professional in finance!!!!


This is a fundamental research, sector based assignment where you will select a 

company whose publicly traded shares your team concludes should be bought.  

You will need to examine the financials of any company you select, in particular 

profitability, cash flow, innovation, operating margins and the management 


The primary objective of this project is to see whether your company is 

undervalued vs. its sector and what are the engines of growth for your choice.  

Answer the following questions in the essay:

1.If your selected company is in an innovation oriented sector, are they being innovative enough to stay with or surpass their competition? Discuss new or promising products.

2. If the company has debt, do they have sufficient cash flow to service it?  Explain.


Please chart all relevant ratios and other financials vs. the sector and explain their 


Please write this report as if it is going to be presented to a group of potential investors. 

So it should be professional in its presentation, including the writing and its look, 

highlighting the strong points of your paper and it MUST have a conclusion/summary.

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