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I need help in writing 20 EASY sentences for a 6th grade level.  Instructions are below.


Choose 10 words and create one correct and one incorrect sentence for each work (total 20 sentences).


For Example:  “galluses”

Correct:  I’m headed to Macy’s men’s department to buy matching galluses for my son’s suit.

Incorrect:  I was shocked that the mechanic charged me $1,000 to change the galluses in my car.


1. venireman – n. a person summoned to jury duty.

2. superfluous – adj. Beyond what is required or sufficient; surplus, unessential

3. galluses – n. suspenders for trousers.

4. pious – adj. Honest observance of religion; devoted, reverent, virtuous, religious.

5. gavel – n. the hammer used by a presiding officer or auctioneer to signal for order.

6. preposterous – adj. Beyond reason or common sense; absurd, ridiculous, outrageous.

7. pariah – n. a social outcast, recluse, outsider, exile

8. animosity – n. bitter hostility or active hatred.

9. biased – adj. Prejudice, predisposed, partial

10. fervent – adj. Showing great emotion or pride; eager, passionate, zealous

11. firmament – n. sky

12. zeal – n. devotion in pursuit of a cause or goal; fanaticism, fervor, passion

13. petulant – adj. irritable, ill-tempered, impatient especially over a petty annoyance.

14. affable – adj.  pleasant, sociable, genial, friendly

15. askance – adv, doubtfully, suspiciously, sideways, disapprovingly

16. levity – n. cheerfulness, lightheartedness, flippancy towards improper gaiety

17. jauntily – adv. Gaily, cheerfully, briskly, sprightly, perky; showing easy confidence.

18. vigorously – adv. Energetically, strongly, enthusiastically, forcefully.


I need this by 11:59PM 3/16/16.


Thank you

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