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 Moodle post guidelines You are responsible for a total of 5 Moodle posts over the course of the semester. Each Moodle post is worth 5% totaling 25% of your final grade for the course. Moodle posts are due by 11:59pm of the day following class (e.g. Monday classes will be required to post by 11:59pm Tuesday night). Moodle posts will be made in response to our class meetings/readings/activities during weeks 3-7. Each week corresponds with a particular focus area within COMM and your posts will reflect the five different areas we will explore. Moodle posts should be at least 200 words long and each post will be graded based on your response to the following questions in response to that weeks class meeting/required readings: 1. In your own words how would you describe what the current week (ICC, FS, MPCS, MTS, RPS) has to do with COMM? 2. Based on this weeks class readings and discussion what kind of questions could be asked/answered in this branch of COMM? 3. Does this particular branch of COMM interest you? If yes, please explain why (use specifics from either class discussion or our readings) and briefly explain a potential project you might want to attempt while at UMass. 4. If this particular branch does not interest you please explain why not, be as specific as possible as to what about this branch does not interest you (answers that indicate you do not like a particular section because it is dumb or that’s just not what you want to do are not adequate and should be discouraged). These posts are designed as a way for you to begin to play with and explore understanding what each of these areas of COMM offer the broader field and how you can contribute to the field by better understanding each. Additionally, posts can be used to bring up thoughts or reflections about class readings/ discussions that we are unable to address in our 50-minute meeting time. Grading Guidelines You are basically starting at 5 points for each post if you complete the post. One (1) point we be deducted for each of the following issues: 1. For every 12 hours that the post is late (e.g. posting at 10 am two days after class – 10 hours late – equals 4 possible points, etc.). 2. Considerable amount of grammar/spelling mistakes. Make these posts professional. 3. Clear lack of understanding of class/reading (a.k.a. it was obvious you didn’t read or pay attention). 

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