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 The papers’ subjects are Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Behavior Therapy

3pages, reference page, quotations,   We are using Corey, Gerald.  Theory and Practice of Counseling and Pyschotherapy. 9th ed. and answer the questions below.


1. Freud’s model is based on a deterministic view of human nature: the person is
determined by psychic energy, unconscious motives, and childhood experiences.
Do you agree with this view? What are its implications for counseling from a
Christian perspective
2. Do you think that a system of counseling and psychotherapy is complete if it does
not account for such concepts as the unconscious, ego-defense mechanisms, and
the critical influences of one’s current personality? Explain your position.
3. As you review the eight stages of human development, what can you learn about
critical turning points, or life crises, in your own life? Mention one important
crisis you faced and how you dealt with it. What impact do you think it will have
on your ability to deal with clients with similar struggles?
4. Do you believe that, unless you take death seriously, life has little meaning?
Please explain from a spiritual stand-point.
5. Would you be able to refrain from making value judgments if you client had a
life-style that was radically different from yours? What if you client’s values and
beliefs contradicted your own?

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