3 discussion board questions | Human Resource Management homework help

Question 1:  Please review the following PDF and Introduction to ICD-9-CM section from this week. Please submit a one paragraph summary of 3 differences you see between the code sets. In a second paragraph please submit your opinion on whether this was a positive or negative change for the coding field.

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Question 2: During this course, you have learned many of the tools and techniques related to the quality improvement processes in healthcare. You’ve also navigated the intricacies of statistics, which measure or describe a healthcare organization. As you have learned, quality healthcare doesn’t just happen, it is something that hospitals and other healthcare providers must work to achieve.How do you think these tools of measurement and improvement help organizations to achieve their missions of providing high quality care? Give examples to support your ideas


 Question 3:We have focused on specific functionality that makes healthcare safer, which contributes to improved quality and outcomes for our patients. Describe at least two specific functions that the EHR can provide to healthcare to make it a safer environment.

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