3 page essay on response to this anti islam article

A Houston Muslim advocacy group has demanded the disciplining of a Richmond high school teacher for allegedly distributing material to students that the group called “virulently anti-Muslim.”

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Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Wednesday said the material was distributed in a senior economics class at Richmond’s Foster High School. The Lamar Consolidated School District could not be immediately reached Wednesday morning concerning the incident.

Carroll said the eight-page handout contains material that apparently originated on an anti-Muslim Web site. “That stuff is all over the Internet,” he said (see full document).

The handout contains a variety of purported facts about Muslims and their beliefs. It asserts that Jesus and the Apostle Paul warned that “after they were gone many false prophets would come. Muhammad is simply one of them.”

Islam, the handout says, is more of an “ideology” than a religion. “It is also a ideology of war,” it says.

The handout also contends that Muslims believe all governments except Islamic ones should be overthrown, and asserts that the religion’s noble rule is “You will become a Muslim yourself or you will die.”

Carroll said school officials seemed responsive to his organization’s complaint. “We thank school officials for taking this issue seriously and await appropriate disciplinary action for the teacher. Only a strong response to this attempt at student indoctrination will send a message that our schools must never be incubators of hate.”

Carroll said he is not aware of any anti-Muslim incidents or an undercurrent of tension at the high school.

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