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I need a 300-word response for my college writing class as basic as possible (using common and basic vocabulary and grammar) because I am international beginner English student I need it in 6 to 8 hours 

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Based on the readings and your experience, how is your concept of the American Dream and the jobs it takes to get there changing? Think in terms of differences and similarities. Are the things that Barbara Ehrenreich describes similar or different than your experience? How? 


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 I didn’t work before, but I believe the higher salary and more comfortable  job Are the dreems for everyone to seek     . I am international student, my American dream in the beginning of my trip to the United States of America was just graduating from the college, but after I arrived to the US, finished my ESL program (learning English) and started my college life, my American dream changed to not just graduate from college, but also looking for opportunity to work (as nuclear medicine technology specialist) in one of Seattle’s hospitals and live  in the United States of America specially in the west coast of America (Washington Seattle) and bought a small house near to one of Washington lakes 


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