375 – 4 dq’s need to be answered today by 4pm est. on time work no

4 DQ’s need to be answered today by 4pm EST. On time work no Plagarism 250 word count.

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1.      GAAP – What is the importance of maintaining current and accurate financial statements using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)? Suppose you own a small business that is contacted by the IRS to report quarter earnings for tax purposes. What might happen to your small business if current and accurate financial statements are not maintained?

2.      Growth Cycle – How do you continue or restart the growth cycle when your small business has already reached a plateau and began to decline? Provide an example of a business that was on the decline and made an adjustment to continue growth. What caused the company to go into decline in the first place and what adjustment did that company make to avoid further decline?

3.      Market Analysis – What is involved in a market analysis? Why is a market analysis an important part of a financial prospectus? Suppose you create small business plans to build the strongest rocking chairs on the market without performing a market analysis. What kinds of concerns might potential financers have?

  4. Valuing a Business – What are the main financial considerations in valuing an existing small business over a conceptual venture? Suppose you have the opportunity to purchase a profitable existing donut shop. The existing donut owner wants more for his donut shop than you think it is worth. You know that you make better tasting donuts at a better price than the existing shop and can open your own shop in the same town for half the price of purchasing the existing donut shop. What are the advantages to purchasing the existing donut shop versus opening up your own? Based on the information provided would you purchase the existing donut shop? Explain why or why not.



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