4 – body cameras for officers

There has been a great deal of discussion throughout the country about officers being equipped with body cameras.  Using the internet or other sources, research the use of body cameras by law enforcement officers.  Based on your research, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their use from the perspective of officers, law enforcement administrators, and the public; do not just give your personal opinion.  


As you know body cameras have went worldwide in the law enforcement industry due to a lot of wrong doing thats going on in the department. Its another backup that law enforcement can rely on for court purposes. As for me working in a correction facility cameras are all over the facility to see what is going on at all time. The department heads can be at home or anywhere and can see what is going on in their facility as well as local law enforcement agency. In this world today when people see police officers using force on citizens, the first thing they would see is that why are they attacking or using force on him, not knowing what is going on. Most of the time its because of resisting an arrest, or refuse to follow an order that was given for him or her to comply. Every person are entitled to their own opinion but that don’t guaranteed they are right not knowing what happen at the time




Body cameras seem to be becoming more and more popular in today’s society. I believe that this is partially because of many instances of police brutality in the recent years and months. According to the National Institute of Justice, a survey taken in 2013 revealed that nearly 75% of officers surveyed did not wear body cameras. Personally, I believe that body cameras are especially effective and can ensure that each officer is acting in a morally acceptable way and accordingly based on their expectations. Most importantly, I believe that body cameras can defend officers when the time is necessary. It helps avoid hear-say and can verify that an officer was acting in the way he/she was supposed to be.

According to National Institute of Justice, research on the use of body cameras showed some interesting results. The “self-awareness effect” causes more aware responses and more thinking prior to acting. I also believe that the body cameras can be used to train officers and coach them on their actions. As long as it isn’t hindering the job they are trying to do, I believe body cameras should be supplied for all officers and used at all times.




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