4 page psychology paper in 6 hours!

I want The topic to be on infidelity and why it is a good thing to stay faithful to a wife or girlfriend for mental health, moral reasons, and for childrens sakes as well. Please read the instructions below thoroughly! I need this paper done in about 6 hours!

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Argument Papers #1 (200pts. each, 3–5 pages)

The argument paper should begin with a one- to three-sentence statement of the main thesis. A thesis is an argument concerning an issue. For example, Bisexuality is a viable alternative sexual orientation. It clearly states the author’s perception. Your paper should present your beliefs or conclusions related to the topic. It should include references from scientific literature, quality online resources (e.g. WebMD, Federal websites, etc. not Wikipedia or other non-peer reviewed sites) . You select the topic for your paper.

A Crash Course on Argument Paper

  • Select an issue or dilemma of interest.
  • Review the pertinent literature.
  • Decide on your perception; take a stance.
  • Articulate your perception in a thesis statement.
  • Summarize the issues; demonstrate an understanding of the controversy.
  • Defend/argue in favor of your perception using all resources available.
  • Finish with a strong summary statement that reinforces your thesis.
  • Proofread your work; use grammar/spellcheck functions.
  • Revise; submit final draft.

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