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400 words not including title &ref min 3 APA

Select an Article Consider the research question below


Traditionally, survival analysis and Cox Proportional Hazards (CPH) regression were used to evaluate data from studies with cancer survivors. Consider the following research questions:

1. Is there an association of cancer intervention with survival time?

2. Is gender related to survival time after diagnosis of stage-three lung cancer?

Both questions require consideration of time in the analysis of associated data. In contrast to survival analysis, though, CPH can account for more than time to death. With CPH, any event can become the event of interest and the times to that event can be compared across risk factors. Among cancer patients, the time to death is a key piece of data. Although this is the case, additional spans of time during a patient’s illness require study as well, as do multiple factors associated with treatment outcomes.

For this Discussion, you review, “Cox Proportional Hazards” which used CPH to compare risk of fetal death during ante- and intrapartum periods based on prenatal care exposure. You compare CPH to logistic regression.

With these thoughts in mind:


Post, find and discuss the following key elements of the article you selected:

· Identify variables: independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), and confounders

· What was the research question?

· Why was Cox Proportional Hazards used?

· What was the main result(s)?

· What was the interpretation?

· What are your thoughts on the limitation(s) of the study?

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