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Consider the following list of evidence to be processed for latent fingerprints.   Please write a paper detailing how you would process and recover the latent prints from the items.  Clearly explain:  1) why you chose these methods rather than other means of processing and, 2) if the methods you chose would be different if you were operating in the field versus working in a controlled laboratory environment and why.  

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Please consult the associated rubric before you begin and always support your ideas, arguments, and comments with appropriately referenced (APA) literature, theory, and research. A good resource in addition to the course materials and other research is theChesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification Interactive Chemical Reagent Program.

1)  A large metal safe with rutted, chipped & rusty painted sides and a shiny, smooth handle.

2)  Papers removed from the safe.  

3)  A knife which had been sitting out in the direct sunshine for several days

4)  Several 2-3′ sections of duct tape and the roll from which it came. 

5)  A handgun recovered from the bottom of a lake (properly submitted in a sealed bucket of the water from which it was recovered).

6)  A plastic bag 

U need to use this web  org/start-interactive-chemical-reagent-program.html”>https://www.cbdiai.org/start-interactive-chemical-reagent-program.html 

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