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 The holy days set the rhythm of life in Judaism.  This was especially true in ancient Israel.  The reason that the worksheet asks you to mark the season of each holy day is that most of them are based on the agricultural lifestyle that dominated their thoughts and actions.  Several of the feasts were “pilgrim feasts”. 




1-Which of the holy days are Pilgrim Feasts and what is important about these?


What was your favorite holy day to learn about and why?








Judaism is a monotheistic religion (as are Christianity and Islam)




2-What does this mean for Judaism?  When and how did this develop?  What are the implications of a monotheistic worldview?




It is these ideas and others that are the basis of the Judeo-Christian worldview and ethics, but they are not the worldview of other religions.  Other religions do not see mankind as the special work of a Creator.




3-What are some of the other religious worldview options? What differences in ethics result when one sees all life being interconnected and this connection is an impersonal force, as opposed to all life being the work of a Creator with man as the pinnacle?










Speaking of Abraham, in the account of Abraham’s genealogy in Genesis, there seems to be a discrepancy.  It says that his ancestors lived beyond 400 years.  Then in Genesis 25:7-8 it says, Abraham lived 175 years.  Then he took his last breath, and died at a very old age.  After a long and full life, he joined his ancestors in death.




What is the discrepancy?  Well, it says Abraham died at a very old age.  How could he be considered “old and full of years” if his great-great-great grand-father is still alive at 400+ years?  Either there is a problem with the years or it is inaccurate that he is old.




4-Do you think I found a mistake in the Bible?






5-What is the Jewish understanding of holiness?




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