7 page paper on gender based abortions in india

Topic: Abortions depending on the sex of the child in India. 

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7 page paper on gender based abortions in india
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Reference: Tulsi Patel, Sex selected abortions in India, 2007 and others.

Write your paper addressing the research questions listed below: 

.  (a)  What is the general status of women in [your country of research]? Include socio-cultural factors (education; violence; religion; etc.), political (women’s political participation), and economic factors (women in the workforce); etc.  

.  (b)  Introduce your research topic: What is the gender issue you are analyzing in [your country of research]? Provide data/statistics to support your argument.  

.  (c)  What is done to address the gender issue in [your country of research]? Discuss the existing legal framework and identify NGOs/Transnational Feminist Networks that address the gender issue.  

.  (d)  Comparison: Is [your research topic] prevalent in our own society? Why/why not? Present data/analysis and discuss the current status of legislation in the USA, if applicable.  

.  (e)  Conclusion: Discuss what you can do to address gender inequalities and/or human rights abuses against women/gendered minorities, locally as well as globally.  


7 pages (excluding bibliography), typed 12 font Arial, double-spaced (approx. 2,000 words) in MLA or APA format. 


.  One academic text (book, book chapter, journal article).


Papers that are not based on an academic text will automatically be deducted 5 points!  

.  Website of NGO addressing the topic in the country of your choice. IMPORTANT: Wikipedia is not acceptable as an academic source.  

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