8 discussion questions and journals (for writing king only)


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You must write at least 200 words in length to support your position. Be sure to note the chapter number and the question you picked. Your response must be thoughtful; reflecting an understanding of the material, be grammatically correct, and if applicable, include examples. Be sure to include the question in your response and include in-text citations.


Discussion 1 chapter 2


Differentiate between the terms: sex, gender, gender role, gender role ideology and transgenderism.




DQ2 chap3


Distinguish among the various styles of conflict and implications for the relationship.




DQ3 chap 5


Discuss the reasons for getting married which should be avoided




DQ4 chap7


Describe the problems and benefits associated with military marriages




DQ5 chap 9


Discuss the effects of poverty on marriages and families.




DQ6 chap 12


Identify and describe positive stress management strategies




DQ7 chap13


Describe the cycle of abuse




DQ8 chap15


What is blurred retirement? Why is it becoming more common?






Choose ONE of the journal topics to discuss. Journal entries should range between 150 words and should show substantial reflection on the topic described.




Journal 1


Using the “sociological imagination” explain how your choice of a marriage partner is influenced




Explain how conflict can be healthy and productive for a couple’s relationship




According to the text, what might you do to help ensure a sexually fulfilling relationship?


Journal 4


Identify and describe an individual’s motivations for marriage.


Journal 5


Compare the positions of pro-life and pro-choice.


Journal 6


How has the American view of children changed over time?


Journal 7


How have changing family functions and structure contributed to the incidence of divorce?


Journal 8


Identify and discuss four reasons why an increasing number of individuals are becoming the sandwich generation.


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