A personal experience with the law enforcement

                                      TOPIC:”A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH THE LAW ENFORCEMENT”


         Please write 2 pages, double-spaced about an encounter you had with the police or any other area of law enforcement.  Perhaps you witnessed a crime or were the victim of a crime.   

          I live in Flushing, NY. On 10/25/2015, I dropped my friend off on Sanford Ave, between Main St and Kissena Blvd. there is a sign says “no parking anytime.” when I ready to leave, the traffic police officer stooped me, and standing in front of my car, then gave me tickets. I am pretty sure she saw that I just dropped my friend off and preparing to leave because we had eye contact. I had argued with her that why she gave me ticket? I stated that the sign says “no parking anytime instead of no standing anytime.” I talk to her that she cannot gave me ticket for that, but she just keeps saying this is no parking anytime.  Her attitude was very bad. I think she got bad mood on that day. unfortunately, I could not record anything because my cell phone storage was full. Later on, I asked one of my friend who are NYPD, my friend says that she cannot gave me ticket because I was in the car, and I was just drop off a person.  She should just tell me to leave.   Last thing I did was for online hearing. But I failed because lack of evidence.

          you can also make something up about I went to court for hearing instesd of online hearing, that you can write more, such as, wating for long line…….. but, please keep it simple.  this is address for In-Person Hearing

New York City Finance Department: 14406 94th Ave, Queens, NY 11435

          English is my second language. I’m not high level writer, please use simple words, simple sentence structure, and simple grammar.  

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