A+ work | Business & Finance homework help

Read and complete the requirements for this examination only after you’ve completed the previous study units.

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A+ work | Business & Finance homework help
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1. Refer to your previous study units, the practice exercises, the Writing Process Review, and the self-checks as you write your exam paragraphs.

2. Refer to the Evaluation Criteria to ensure your exam paragraphs meet the criteria to the best of your ability.

3. Include the following information at the top of each page.

Name   Student Number (eight digits)   Exam number  Page X

Mailing Address

Email Address


Jane Smith 12345678 02800400 Page 1

111 Education Drive, Any Town, PA 18515

[email protected]

To insert a header on each page that includes page numbers, a. Double-click in the top margin of your Word document; this will open the Insert tool bar and Header and Footer tools.

b. Click on the Page Number button. Choose the Plain Number 1 option to insert the page number at the top left

corner of your page.


c. Place your cursor in front of the number to type your nameand other identifying information as you see it in your study guide. Do not change the page number; it will adjust automatically

to each new page of your document.


You can type and format text in the header as you would in the body of your paper.


d. When you’re finished, click the Close Header and Footer button or double-click in the body of your document. 

Note: If you don’t include this information at the top of each page, you’ll lose points in the format section. If you fail to include your name and student number, your exam may not be

processed for grading.

4. Include both paragraphs in one document, labeling them Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2. Double-space your work and use Times New Roman font, size 12. After preparing a rough draft, read the evaluation criteria and revise your work carefully, correcting any

errors you find.

Make sure to spell check and grammar check your work, too.

Submit only your final drafts. Do

not include your prewriting, drafting, or revising work.




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