Absenteeism employees | English homework help

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Parts of a Report – Executive Summary

•This section (like in a proposal) is a summary of the whole document.


•It tells you the purpose of the report, how the issue was investigated, a findings …

Parts of a Report – Introduction

•This is where you would use your reference (as we are not doing a literary review).


•The introduction includes:

•How the report will be used in the company to address the issue

•Why the report needed written

•The aim (what the report is trying to do)

•The objectives (how the issue will be addressed)

Parts of a Report – Research Methods

•In this section, you write about how the information/data was gathered (for example, by survey).


•You should say why you used this method, and say what types of questions were asked, and how many people.


•No results come in this section.

Parts of a Report – Findings, Analysis and Discussion


•In this section you should show the results of your research, and discuss them.


•You should also suggest some reasons for your findings.


•You can choose to talk about all of the graphs, or just focus on one or two (your report, your choice).

Parts of a Report – Conclusions and Recommendations


•In this section, you give a short summary of the report and findings.


•You also need to give suggestions to solve the problem.  You should give a variety of suggestions, and clarify WHY this suggestion is being made.

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