Academic Standards

The essay should not just provide an overview of a particular religion, nor should it simply be an argument for “why this religion is wrong” from a Christian perspective. Instead, you may want to explore a topic related to a particular religious tradition such as the role of women; eschatology; attitudes towards the afterlife and funeral practices; how sacred texts are read; religion and food; prayer and mysticism; non-violence and ethics; festivals, pilgrimages, and rituals; diaspora and secularization; and so on! All topics must be approved by the professor, who is also available to assist you in finding a topic appropriate in scope and content.Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome. Though you may use some of the readings used in class as research material, you must also find six (6) additional scholarly resources – both academic books and journal articles. Please remember that the best place to do research as a Tyndale student is the Tyndale library, both in terms of books and online resources. The essay should be written in accordance with academic standards including the use of proper footnotes in Chicago style. The paper should be approximately 12-14 double-spaced pages in length. You may hand in an electronic copy of the paper via email.


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