Action research and organizational development discussion


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Action Research and Organizational Development Videos

                    Oracle Consulting

Terrence posted 

Hello Class,

Starting out the research for this discussion post I found myself on a particular website allowing one to search for OD consultant organizations within ones own state. Using this link ( com/consulting-firms/location“> ), I further decided to choose an organization which I has grown in popularity and size within the last few years, as well as one that many of my previous college associates have chose as a workforce. Oracle, the company of choice shows that they offer Life Style Management, Financial Services and Business Transformation, all things which are easily attractive to an entry level or high management professional when searching for methods to further develop. Though they list a vast number of areas they provide consulting services, they do not detail the specific methods at which they do so. 

The major attractiveness when looking at Oracle is the array of technological advances, integration, development and expertise they discuss. These subcategories while not directly implemented are bits and pieces of Action Research. Understanding the entry needs and utilization of technology, integrating the planning and research, development by research evaluation all play a role into the overall title. 

For more research into the websites visited, feel free to browse the following references.


– Terrence 

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