Administrative mgt | Psychology homework help

Self-evaluation: 2 pages minimum (not including headings), double-spaced.

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10 pts.: 7 for content, 3 for writing/composition

Required content:

  • MBTI results and “so what?” Relate this to EI, and the Big 5.
  • Discussion of your inherent skills relative to the Big 5, and non-inherent areas that you’ll need to be alert to improving. Pay special attention to how you MBTI profile will help or hinder the Big 5.
  • The importance of emotional intelligence to you, and the areas of natural strengths relative to the major factors (stability under stress, empathy, etc.)
  • Lastly, a minimum “three characteristics” description of your dependable strengths
  •  Personality is (ENTJ)

Integrative Paper guidelines and grading rubric: 45 pts. (I may use “Safe Assign”)

           Minimum of 5 pages of narrative, APA, with a running header

           Use a title/cover page (name, class, Title, date), References on separate page


  • Introduction/purpose (.5 pg.: 5 pts.)
  • Personal definition of leadership (.5 pg.: 5 pts.)
  • Self-evaluation/self-assessment summary using MBTI, Big 5, Emotional Intelligence, etc. (2 pgs. +or-: 10 pts.)
  • Delve into one area of interest (e.g. Maslow’s Hierarchy, Self-efficacy/Bandura, learning styles, morale, The Ken Blanchard Companies, contingency theory, situational leadership, rewards, Servant Leadership, team development, emotional intelligence, etc., with at least one scholarly reference, appropriately cited in the narrative (2 pgs. +or-: 10 pts.)
  • Integration and conclusion/summary (.5 pg +or-: 5 pts.)
  • Have a separate reference page with at least one scholarly reference (neither the texts, nor web-sourced will be considered as the one minimum scholarly reference)
  • Overall writing, grammar, APA Style, reference page, coherence, Apple person (10 pts.)

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