Advanced Industrial Hygiene

Part I: There may be times when an industrial hygienist is asked by an employer to alter results so that the employer does not get into trouble. Discuss how effective management systems help you approach a situation where your employer tells you to lower the IH sample results for an area so that they are no longer above an OSHA PEL or the facility might have to close. Provide an example of such a management system standard.(note and warning: In taking on a position as an OSH professional in an organization, there will be pressure to accept the following “old school” and “consultant created but failed” policies:1-Never provide detailed documentation for a process, then you will have to do it.2-Most S&H as well as environmental protection things are not “value added” meaning only look at the short term (reactive) results rather than providing the resources to prevent S&H injuries (proactive) and protect the worker3-BBS is the way to go-have people watch each other as all safety issues are focused on the worker and disregard the impact of management oversight, process documentation, training and the elements of an OSH Management System that cannot operate where BBS is implemented.4-Only meet the basic regulatory requirements, no need to go overboard on safety and health, we need to get the product out the door. Nobody has been hurt here (yet) and we have an excellent safety record. That’s why we have our safety picnic every year-LOL.Let me know if there are questions about these as you will see them all if you are in any OSH role in an organization.)Part II: How will you use what you learned in this course in your professional career?Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”

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