Advertising critique looking for expert

Pick a magazine advertisement you’d love to tear apart. (Note: do not critique the cover of a magazine. Instead, critique an advertisement found inside a magazine.)

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Advertising critique looking for expert
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write a 600-650 words critique in which you explain how the advertisement’s glorification of traditional gender roles keeps us in a dream state.


 Must use some of the following questions as a guide: What ways of life does this advertisement make us want to envy and to possess? Is the advertisement glorifying a particular gender role 


or class position? According to the ad, what aspects of ourselves need improvement? How does the advertisement make a social problem (i.e. a problem caused by social inequality) out to be 


personal problem (i.e. a problem caused by our own inadequacies)? Does the ad include a celebrity, and if so, what qualities does the celebrity bring to the ad? What kind of fantasies does 


the ad sell and why does it sell them? How has the ad’s aesthetics (its presentation as a work of art) lure us into wanting to buy the product? What kind of emotions does the ad stir 


inside of us?  


Module 1 Advertising and Consumption

         Historical Development of Consumer Culture

         Stages of Development in Advertising

         Celebrity as Commodity

         Culture Jamming


Module 2 Gender and the Culture of Beauty

         Gender and the Culture of Beauty

         Functionalist Perspective on Gender

         Conflict Perspective on Gender

         The Male Gaze

         A Beauty Myth

         The Bechdel Test


Module 3 Sexuality

         Masculinity / Femininity

         Sexual Identity


         Popular Culture and Gay or Lesbian Visibility

         Coming Out


These topics above are especially relevant for this essay.


Uploaded document should include either an image of the original ad or a URL linking to it.

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