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In this discussion you will choose and present those specific parts of The Ages of the World that you feel best reveal the significant message of the story.  This myth has strong ties with the historical events that surround the settling of Ireland.  Identify how this story tells you about the development of the Celtic culture and its particular view of the world.


Please consider some or all of the following questions when composing your commentary:

  • What are the various abilities of the different inhabitants of Ireland? 
  • What is the pattern that emerges from the ages? 
  • What are the principal characteristics that are reinforced as positive in the cycle? 
  • What does the cyclic nature of this creation story indicate about the society and its relationships with neighboring countries and the supernatural realm? 
  • How do the geography and the climate of Ireland influence the world view?  

You may also wish to ponder what significance can you attach to the fact that, while the oral story was circulated for many centuries, this written version was recorded by Christian missionaries.  What alterations might have been added?  While modern academics attack Christian missionaries as having an “agenda,” how does the modern culture alter perception of history in order to further its own agenda?

Include References and Citations

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