Air Canada Financial Evaluation

Download the last 3 years financial statements for selected company, and; Evaluate the financial statements for selected company and write a report of maximum 8 pages following the table of contents below. 1.0 Executive Summary: how good the company is? Would you buy the company’s stock at current price? 1.1 Introductions of the industry/trend, and the company you selected (Air Canada); 2.0 Ratio Analysis: key ratios to identify the company’s strengths and weakness 3.0 Financial Situation – A Graphical Look 4.0 Industry Ratio Comparisons 5.0 Recommendations 6.0 References/Index XYZ Inc is a X XX (such as a food, entertainment or else) industry company. The recommendations section must cover the positive and the negative issues you discovered from reading the financial statements. You will say what the company should do to change some of the problems or build up some of the strengths.  Hope now you got the idea what’s your one-page introduction of Air Canada should contain and write it as if you are a CFO (Chief Financial Officer)  Don’t fill your introduction with company history  References required


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