All the details will be on the instructions

Students are to go to the following website:


Enter the following into the search engine: 9/11: The Biggest Lie (Updated May 27, 2013).

This video is 2:28 hours in length. There will be 6 questions. 

1. What is your first reaction to James Easton’s opening statement, regarding who is responsible for the 9/11 attacks?

Do you feel he provided enough evidence to prove his theory? 


2. Do you believe that President George W. Bush and/or his administration were responsible for 9/11? Or was Osama Bin Laden or Al Queda responsible? Do you believe President Bush manipulated evidence/truth? 

3. Do you believe explosives could have been placed on the airplanes fuselage and on several floors & basement of the WTC Towers? How do you account that so many people say they felt and saw what appeared to be explosives? 

4. How do you explain that so many witnesses claim that the airplanes could not have been commercial (no windows or logo) present & that the planes looked like either military or drones? 


5. Do you believe there were false witnesses (ex. Doug Pisler), deliberately placed to speak to the media claiming the planes were American Airlines or other commercial flights? 


6. After watching this video, has it shaken your belief in how the 9/11 attacks were portrayed by the media? Do you feel there was a U.S. conspiracy involved and that President Bush and/or his Administration were the architects of this deliberate murder? 


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