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For each of the five cancers discussed in class (breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate and skin), answer the following for Q 11-14:


11. What are the most common symptoms?


12. What are the most significant risk factors?


13. What are the ACS screening guidelines?


14. What are important primary prevention steps? 


15. Explain “ABCD” as it relates to skin cancer.


16. What is a sentinel node biopsy? Why is it done? What advantage does it have over traditional lymph node biopsy?


17. Explain the following terms:

a) mammogram   b) PAP smear   c)  colonoscopy    d) hysterectomy   e) mastectomy   f) colostomy   g) colposcopy


18. What are three types of skin cancer? What are distinguishing facts for each?


19. Why can prostate cancer (unlike most cancers) be treated with simply surveillance?


20. What are some possible complications of surgery or radiation treatment for prostate cancer? 


21. What is the purpose of a clinical trial?



22. Describe the four phases of a clinical trial.

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