American History

During the nineteenth century, American industry grew to unprecedented size. Along with this growth came numerous changes in how Americans lived and worked. Many people left their homes and families to find work in the new nation’s growing port cities and mill towns. The challenge was to create industrial spaces that adhered to the ideals of the nation. Temporary women workers were a key part of this. Mill Girls as they were and are still called, represented a fascinating moment in American industrial history.In this essay of 500 words you are going to pretend to be a reporter of the 1830s whose editor has asked you to go to Lowell Massachusetts to visit the fabric mills there and report on them. You will write one of two “articles” under one of these two headlines:“Lowell Mills are Something New and Unique to America.”or“Lowell Mills Recreate the Factory Horrors of Old England.”In writing, consider questions of work routines, pay, living conditions, architecture, and anything else that helps you make up your mind and write your “article.” Were Mill Girls happy? Were they well paid? Was this a new way to approach industry or was this just so much more grueling factory labor?Your sources are the above listed Lowell Mill historical documents and images. They consist of letters from Mill Girls, schedules, observations, and other material.Your article must make use in some way of EACH of those source (except the factory images) which you may cite with a simple citation such as “Malenda Edwards Letter.”You must also make specific reference to Alexander Hamilton, “Report on Manufactures,” 1791 which laid out a vision of American industry.Be creative and think carefully about your assessment given the available evidence. Use the sources to support your view and make your case. For more Information on  American History  check on this:


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