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Part 1 & 2 of is already done, just do part 3.

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In Part 1 of my project, i chose a theme to explore.  “For my Final Project I am going to do an Analysis and Reflection on the natural forces of this word, the weather. I have always been fascinated with climate change and human impact on it, and what can we do as a society to make it better”

In Part 2, you identified three expressions of the theme in three different humanities disciplines (ie.) visual art, music, dance, poetry, prose, theater, film, religion). For instance, let’s say you chose “love” & decided to look at the way it is expressed in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147 (literature), Boticelli’s Birth of Venus (visual art), and in the ballet Swan Lake(dance).

NOW in Part 3.  You develop the earlier parts of your project, Part 1 & 2, into a 750-1200 word essay.  

The NEW part of this assignment is to analyze the way each expression–Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147 (literature), Boticelli’s Birth of Venus (visual art), and in the ballet Swan Lake (dance)–uniquely & successfully illustrates/explores your theme.  For example, what makes Shakespeare’s portrayal of love successful?  How does Boticelli’s expression of love differ from Shakespeare’s?  How do both differ from Swan Lake?  How is each medium (literature, fine art, dance) uniquely successful?  What does the fine art medium allow Boticelli to do that literature can’t do?  What can dance say that literature and fine art can’t?  Etc.  

Use ideas from assigned LRs and self-researched sources as evidence for your points.  

Make sure to include an introduction and a conclusion as well as notes (properly cited parenthetical, end notes or footnotes) identifying ideas from researched sources, and a list of references at the end of your paper.

Remember to include the following:

  • explain the theme you chose and why it’s worth exploring
  • for each of the three expressions of this theme, provide a link and description
  • embed images if possible
  • comment on each of the representations, using concepts from the course
  • assess the effectiveness or impact of the three representations, in your own view (How well did the representation present the concept? How effective was it? What impact did this representation have?)
  • be sure to cite any references you consult






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