Analysis On Romeo and Juliet

It′s a three-paragraph essay on Shakespeare′s Romeo and Juliet. I′ve uploaded the pdf file that the quotations will have to be quoted from.Instructions:Write an essay in 900-1200 words in which you analyse and interpret William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet.Use examples from the play to back up your points; use the Swan edition for references.Only refer to the parts we have read in class:Prologue, act 1 scene 3 + 5, balcony scene (act 2, scene 1), act 5 scenes 1+2Overall construction of the essay:1. Introduction2. Shakespeare’s language (literary devices, symbolism, irony, metaphors, sonnet, quatraints, iambic pentameter etc)3. Own focus: Portrayal of gender roles, esp. Juliet (compared to the mother)4. Themes of the play – symbols, imagery, metaphor5. Conclusion


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