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Analytic Essay about two short stories 

1- Read the short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London. The link is down below

2- Read the short story of “The House on Mango street” by Sandra Cisneros (Download the PDF file. Only read these pages in the book: 3, 4, 5 book page/ 11, 12, 13 PDF page ) *Look at the table of content  

3- Write an analytic essay about comparing/contrasting the two stories based on their common themes and literary devices (1000 words)

4- The essay must follow the exact pattern of the outline that has been attached to this assignment. (Make sure you’re looking at the outline when you are writing the essay. The outline has been attached to this assignment.) The essay in unacceptable if you are not writing based on the outline that is provided. 

5- The essay must have total of 6 quotes (two for each body paragraph/ which means one for each story) as evidence to show the comparison of literary devices that have been used in the story 

6- Your analytic essay must have one intro, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion.

7- Use the story’s title. Titles in MLA format are in quotation marks

8- For your quote (the evidence), Use correct MLA formatting.

(link to the short story of To Build a fire edu/writings/LostFace/fire.html”> )  

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