Anatomy and Physiology

The objective of the term paper is for students to explore a topic involving Anatomy and Physiology that is of interest to them.  Write your paper using the following guidelines:Introduction: Introduce the topic and explain why it is of interest to you.  Why is this topic important and relevant?Systems affected: What parts the body are affected?  What are the physiological implications?  Be detailed in your explanation.Who is affected: Which segment of the population is at risk?  What is the current treatment?  What is the prognosis for recovery?Conclusion: What would you conclude from the research you have done?  What did you learn that was of particular interest?  What does the future hold for better outcomes?  The paper should be a minimum of 4- pages 1 1/2 spaced (Not including title page or bibliography).  A minimum of 3 references should be included and in text citations should be noted using APA format. 


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