Answer question about community/public nursing and international


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Topic:     Nursing  and  Global Health

                                                      PART 1:

1. Define global health and discuss the relation with community/public health nursing.

2. How a new nurse can take to get involved in international health care.

3. Discuss how the disease affects the people globally and what nurses can do in global public health to address and its impact.

4. A minimum of 700 words is required. 

THE assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 12 .

Is Not allow plagiarism. If the originality exceeds 9 % the percentage of plagiarism allow by the University points IT will be “cero”.

A minimum of 3 evidence-based references besides the class textbook are required. 



1- evidence-based references

2- evidence-based references

3- evidence-based references

4- Book  Title:Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care

Author: Joyceen S. Boyle; Margaret M. Andrews 

                                                               PART 2:

You must write two replies to 2 different peers regarding the same topic sustained with the proper references and make sure that the references that you use in your assignment are properly quoted in it. 

Minimum 200 words.

If you have any questions you can contact me via email.

Due date: Thursday 8th, August

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