Antigone and juliet | English homework help

Analyze two plays we have studied this semester. To support the thesis statement, you will need to provide ample textual evidence from the two plays you choose. Specifically, you need to have at least three quotes from different parts of each play (so total 6 quotes) to serve as your material for analysis and as your examples to support your argument. You should come up with your own choice of examples for the essay by going back and analyzing the plays again; you should not consult online sources, secondary sources, or classmates in coming up with your ideas and choices of quotes.

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Juliet speaks in multiple discourses. She is able to speak “Petrarchan”—she co-authors a sonnet with Romeo out of the air when they first meet. To her parents, she speaks in riddles. Specifically, she uses amphiboly; she makes statements that can be interpreted in opposite ways. To us, the audience, though, she speaks in soliloquies in which she engages in self-debate, the hallmark of the Shakespearean tragic hero. Both Antigone and Juliet are the tragic heroes of their respective plays in that they exhibit the following attributes: a.) willingness to die for a great cause, b.) purposeful disobedience of an authority figure, c.) awareness of answering to a higher moral power than an earthly authority, d.) demonstrating  courage by overcoming fears and doubts, e.) showing bravery by taking action, and f.) choosing to act alone.

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