Application: applying ethical decision-making models to guerrilla

r this Assignment, review the case study in the text, “Guerrilla Government in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office.


The paper should include the following:
-A description of the ethical issue you identified in the “Guerrilla Government in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office” case study

-A description of the issues the political appointees faced in this case and an explanation of federal ethics law violations

-An explanation of why you think the career employees were motivated to use guerrilla tactics as a solution despite the risks to their careers (e.g., competing obligations) and whether their choice of guerrilla action was ethical

-An explanation of how these actions affected the organization and public policy

-A description of the actions leaders within the EPA might have taken to manage guerrilla government and an explanation of how those actions might have changed the outcome of the situation

-An evaluation of  the potential lessons for public administrators and the importance of these lessons

‘Leary, R. (2014). The ethics of dissent: Managing guerrilla government (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: CQ Press.
Chapter 3, “Guerrilla Government in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office”
“Second Interlude: More Stories of Guerrilla Government”
Chapter 6, “Managing Guerrilla Government: Ethical Crusaders or Insubordinate Renegades

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