Argumentative essay on the legalization of marijuana at the federal

An Argumentative Essay on Legalization of Marijuana at the federal level in Tennessee. 

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Clear Statement of Issues:

In  Tennessee efforts are being made to legalize marijuana for medical purposes also known for medical marijuana  and outside of medical purposes. 

Position on the Issue:

I am for the legalization of Marijuana. My position is for the state legislature to legalize marijuana altogether. By decriminalizing, it will first allow people in medical need to receive treatment for pain honorably.  Also, because it is safer to use than alcohol and tobacco. Which both are legal to use.

Basic Argument on the Issue:

The legalization of marijuana will allow the state to tax it and receive revenue from this and build the economy. It would lower the social and economic cost of people sitting in jail for minor non-violent offenses. It will also allow the state to monitor the use of it, and put an age limit on it like Alcohol. 

Possible Rebuttal of the argument:

Illegal drugs can affect a person’s capability to make reasonable decisions. The monitoring of the sale of Marijuana can seem overwhelming. New laws would have to be created and be enforced. 

  • With that being said, come up with a introduction, a premise one, a premise two, a premise three and the conclusion. Also, include the references in them. YOU can also add more to the Information about the basic argument on the issue and the rebuttal on the Argument. 

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