Aristotelian Corrective Justice

Come up with a way someone harms you wrongfully(the example doesn’t have to be true, just yours alone). Explain why it’s a harm and why it’s wrongful. How might this wronging be countered–without any transfer of money or property –in line withLockean Reparation but not Aristotelian Corrective Justice? How might it be alternatively dealt with–without any transfer of money or property –sothat it’s corrective justice,but not Lockean reparation? Which of the two do you think is the better way to make up for what went wrong? Make a convincing argument for why it’s the better way.Finally, what change in thefacts of thescenario would change your view aboutwhich is better,andwhy?DUE: Tuesday, May 11th11:59pm,via submission to your TA(as she/he directs).LENGTH: Three (3) pages or less, double-spaced.


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