Art assignment wk 2 | English homework help

This is a weekly two section assignment that must have both sections answered to get credit, no incomplete answers please?ART   Project WEEK 2 Assignments VISUAL ARTS

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Homework for Week Two PART 1 of TWO

Homework: Short Answer Questions  (Keep your answers between 100 and 500 words each.)*

1.  Explain the goals and characteristic method of Surrealism. (p. 21 and



2.  Briefly characterize American art in the 1930s. What style prevailed?

(24-29 and mini-lecture)


3.  How does Jackson Pollock’s

Male and Female

 show the influence of

Surrealism? (p. 30 and mini-lecture)


4.  Why were the Abstract Expressionist artists interested in mythology

and “primitive” cultures? (p. 34)


5.  What was the Cedar Tavern? (p. 39)


6.  In what way is Jacob Lawrence’s


 series a meditation on

his own life? (42-43)


7.  How does Aaron Siskind’s

Acolman I

 show a photographic

equivalent to Abstract Expressionist painting? (p. 47)


8.   Briefly sum up the general shift from 1930s American art to 1940s

American art.  How did the styles, methods, and concepts change?



MUST IDENTIY EACH SECTION, Part 1 & Part 2 With listed Question (s) above the answers, to avoid incomplete responses to assignments!




Do you think there are any “rules” for making art or music?  Why or why not?  Based on Jonathan Fineberg’s “ Book, ART SINCE 1940s, Strategies of Being”, first two chapters, what do you think he would say?

To receive full credit, you must reference the textbook with a page number, minimum 3-5 complete paragraphs.











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