Art History

1-2 page essay about this job.  Include the following: Describe the work in specific and observed detail referring to the vocabulary and concepts of the course.  Also, describe the general visual style and historical art / movement / period ideas that each wark came from. How does your selected work relate to your period of art history? 1) Imagine that you are a curator in an art museum and you want to buy this painting / sculpture for your museum. You will have to present a case to the board of directors to get the money for the job;  What arguments are you going to make?  Why is this work valuable / beautiful / historically important enough for the museum to spend money on it (you might consider finding out how the museum actually acquired your selected work and how much did you pay for it)? Youcan describe how the work moves or affects you personally as part of your argument. 2) 3) If you did any research to support your argument, be sure to use quotation marks, cite your sources, and include a bibliography. The artist that I choose is Titian Venus and the lute player.Also you can find information about it in the metropolitan museum of art’s online collection art!


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