Art talk – ranissance in quattocento italy, medici patronage

Step 1 – Brunelleschi, Old Sacristy, 1418-21, San Lorenzo & the Nave of San Lorenzo, c. 1421-69 & Benozzo Gozzoli, Procession of the Magi, c. 1459, fresco, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi Chapel


Step 2 – The Medici family ruled Florence.  The restored & commissioned art & architecture.  The 3 images below are from 2 separate Medici commissions.  What makes this unique is that the church is down the street from their palace.

  • How did the Medici Family show their wealth & power through their commissions? 
  • What was their message to the Florentines or their wealthy friends that visited their chapel? 
    • If you need some help, review the Instructor PDF that refers to San Marco.

Step 3 – In order to get full credit, answer the question & then respond to a minimum of 3 other student postings with comments (see Guidelines for Art Talk and Ground Rules in your Syllabus).  Be sure to complete this Section before it  closes.  I cannot reopen a Section once it has closed.

Step 4 – Remember, the Discussions are separated into 3 Sections and close Weekly – on Sunday at 11:59 PM.  The closing day will always be the same during the semester.  This means that if Sunday is a holiday, please plan accordingly to complete the Discussion.  The Discussions are open for 1 week and no extra time is allowed.

Step 5 – Once a Discussion has closed, I will read & graded them – this may take a few days. Once graded, I will send an Announcement with the answers and a summation of what I read from your postings and comments. You will be able to see your grades in the Grades link after I have read/graded the Discussion.

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