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Article Review – video

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Use informal language


I have to make video recording for 2-3 minute for reviewing an article. I need you to write 300 words so I can use it to make the video. I need simple sentences and informal.

Also, I want two PowerPoint slides just write the key points, do not write full sentences.


1.    Select an article that you have read for this class.

2.    Review the article.

3.    Now review Pyrczak’s questions on page 12.

4.    Select 3-4 questions.

5.    In your video, answer 3-4 of those questions in a 2-3 minute VoiceThread. Do not go over 3 minutes.


Remember to review the assignment rubric:

Video Article Summary
30 points 
10 points: uses at least one and a maximum of four PowerPoint slides (or a Prezi) 
that covers the basic article information and the key point.


10 points: highlights verbally and articulates the 3-4 most important takeaways 
from the article in two minutes.


10 points: clearly and explicitly connects two or three points from the article to 
current and ongoing issues in education and research, i.e. situates the findings in an 
educational context.


I attached the article, do the review on chapter 6 and the questions


Also, let me know which questions that you will answer from Pyrczay page 12.


For the last video you put full sentences in the PowerPoint, this time please just write the key points

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