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First, list the requirements of the assignment your brainstormed (what do you need to include in your story for it to meet all of the requirements?). The requirements are more than the word count- what ideas and content needs to be included in your story?Second, list some ideas for stories you could tell your classmates about a struggle with literacy you’ve had. How did having community help you learn this thing? Can you form your insight into a story you can share with others? You don’t have to talk about school stuff! Remember, I wrote about loving local music and art- there is a literacy” to this community that has nothing to do with school stuff. You can write about learning how to communicate on a new job, how you learned to play a sport, a church or community group you’ve joined, a peer group or hobby you enjoy. I have had students write about being in plays, learning how to drive and do maintenance on a car, climbing a rock wall at the gym, getting into comic books, being a server at a craft beer bar, how they learned to make tamales, songwriting and performing, and on and on! There are many stories you can tell about learning to be literate in something.About 500-600 words.

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