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Last week, you began working on the first part of your Course Project. Please review the assignment instructions below.


For this part of the course project, you will customize an existing syllabus for an online course. Retrieve the syllabus you created in EDUC 6757, Planning for Learning. Imagine that you will be converting this course into an online course. What information in your syllabus from EDUC 6757 would need to be adjusted to suit the online environment?

Sections on which to focus:

The Learning Contract

Course Welcome

Course Information/Description

Faculty Information and Introduction

Course Goals/Objectives

Required Text(s) and other Learning Resources


Discussion Format, Sequence, and Etiquette

Participation-Definition of any terms that are not open to interpretation

Course Schedule and Due Dates

Assessment Process, Rubrics

Faculty and Student Roles

Faculty and Student Expectations-What students can expect from you, what you will expect from them

Time Commitment and Time Management

Resources and Processes specific to online learning such as Library Access

Technical Contacts and Requirements

Prepare a 2-page paper in which you analyze the differences between your face-to-face syllabus and your online syllabus. In your paper, provide a rationale for the strategies you used in your conversion to the online syllabus. Highlight how learner-centered pedagogical frameworks have been applied when designing your syllabus. Be sure to support your analysis with references to this week’s Learning Resources.

Combine the original syllabus, your converted syllabus, and your analysis paper into one document.

By Day 7

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