Ashford edu 675 (change leadership for diffrentiated edu.) week 2

Ashford EDU 675 Week 2

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Discussion Question 1:

How does your school or workplace use job-embedded learning?  After reading Chapters II-1 and II-2, discuss two strategies that you would offer to your administrator or supervisor to increase engagement in job-embedded learning.  How will these strategies increase the effectiveness of job-embedded learning at your school or workplace?  Discuss your rationale for choosing these two strategies.

Discussion Question 2:

What is the purpose of the Four Corners strategy?  How could it be used in a classroom?  How could it be used in a professional development setting? Conceptualize and summarize how the Four Corners strategy may be used to develop a concept of interest to you, keeping an intended audience in mind (i.e., students or colleagues). Include various leadership aspects and incorporate differentiated instruction techniques into your concept. For example, you can develop a concept for teacher training, where leadership plays an important role in professional development.


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