Ashford edu 675 (change leadership for diffrentiated edu.) week 3

Ashford EDU 675 Week 3

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Discussion Question 1:

Review the information on the
Multiple Intelligences chart and click on the “Take a Test” tab.  Complete the test and view your results.  Share your results with your classmates.  How will the results impact your own choices for learning?   Do you believe your education would have been improved if your own teachers had differentiated instruction based on your multiple intelligences?  What influence do the theories of multiple intelligence have on differentiated instruction?  Do you believe that learning improves when it is tailored to learning preferences, or does it just make learning more enjoyable?  Can lessons be engaging without being differentiated for learning preferences? Why or why not?

Discussion Question 2:

Analyze the assessment strategies presented in your reading and within your research on differentiated instruction.  Identify two assessment strategies that may be used to differentiate instruction in a low-performing school.  How do these assessment strategies benefit a high-performing student in a low-performing class?  Would you use the same assessment strategies in a high-performing class that contained one or more low-performing students?  Provide rationale for your answers.

ASHFORD EDU 675 Week 3 Assignment Using Assessment and Feedback.

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