Assignment 2 (technical) | Mathematics homework help

This assignment is straight out of the “Stair & Reynolds textbook chapter 2”.  Page 89 (verify the Page in the e-book). Refer to “PROBLEMS-SOLVING EXERCISES”.

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Follow the instructions specified in Problem 1 and Problem 2. 


  • Problem 1 is based on your knowledge on using database management system (Access or any relational DBMS).  After completing the exercise save the solution file as “Assignment 2_DB_initials of your name”.  Specify the name of the DBMS you use (if other than Access).


  • Problem 2 is based on your knowledge on using analytical software (Excel specifically). After completing the exercise save the solution file as “Assignment 2_Excel_initials of your name”


  • Write one page report (for each problem) on your findings as a result of solving these two problems. Save the report as “MyFindings_initial of your name”


  • Submit the three files (Access solution, Excel solution, and Report) via the assignment 2 link.




If you use any sources for reference then you must provide the details of these sources.


State any assumptions you make in developing the solutions to the above problems.




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